Somerset wedding photographer!

Somerset wedding photographer Michael Gane has been a keen photographer since his early teens.

His uncle was a professional wedding  photographer in Somerset and owned a well-established photography studio deep in the heart of Somerset.

Michael’s and Tracys passion for photography continues in their day to day life having 5 children

We absolutely love talking photos of people but also things in every day life that captures my attention and adding captions also living in this beautiful county of Somerset provides wonderful scenery for  Lanscape Photography especially in Somerset where there are amazing hidden gems just on our doorstep.

Our style of Photography is very much Magazine style, capturing light and life, not a fan of the over edited images, I feel that when a photo is taken with passion this transfers itself onto the image.

Four years ago we had the incredible privilege of shooting Connie Fishers wedding in the Vale of Glamorgan with Hello Magazine and meeting many West End celebrities and TV/Film stars.We have been capturing weddings with the art of Photography and Video throughout the UK and abroad (Tuscany being a favourite location) for 20 years, recording the exuberant celebrity wedding through to the quaint family wedding in quiet little villages.

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